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Regenerative Medicine for Anti-Aging is a new field of medicine with one goal in mind: to heal and restore normal function of aging or damaged tissues and organs.

Regenerative Medicine:  The process of replacing or “regenerating” human cells, tissues, or organs to restore or extablish normal function.  This process can use tissue from either an autologous or allogeneic origin.  Creating the optimal internal healing environment gives patients and professionals new treatment options that were’nt available just a few years ago.

At Amoré Anti-Aging we have a team of professionals who combine long proven therapies with cutting edge advancements in physical care.  As a division of Healthcare Associates of Florida we provide a broad spectrum of treatments and therapies to help you rejuvenate your body and maintain a positive overall state of well-being.

If you are dealing with persistent pain and joint discomfort, please schedule an appointment to visit our office. There is no cost for the exam which may include x-rays of the damaged area. We specialize in healing and restoring the normal functioning of damaged and aging tissues and organs.

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Amoré Anti-Aging provides a full range of non-invasive therapies to help restore optimal functioning in your body. 

From healing a painful, damaged joint or muscles with PRP or stem cell therapy to restoring balance and ease in your body with massage or chiropractic treatment Amoré Anti-Aging will help you find the treatment best suited to your mental and physical health needs.

  • Stem Cell – giving your body the potential for unlimited or prolonged self renewal.
  • Exosomes – microvesicles released by cells in both physiological and pathological situations enhance cell to cell communication.
  • PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma – platelets are taken from the patients own blood to rebuild damaged tendons & cartilage.
  • AestheticsBotox treatment for frown lines, crows feet and horizontal lines across forehead.  Juvederm Fills – face, cheeks, lips, around mouth.  Sculptra – collagen stimulator can last up to two years.
  • IV Therapy – promotes health and wellness through intravenous injection of vitamins and minerals.
  • Medical Marijuana – helping with pain control, stress and other medical conditions.
  • HRT – hormone replacement therapy.
  • Labs – bloodwork, etc.



Amoré Anti-Aging is now providing patients with a short mental health check-up.

FREE mental health screening
The importance of considering mental health as a factor in physical health

Amoré Anti-Aging provides patients with a ‘mind-body’ integrated approach to their healthcare.  In our bodies many of the factors affecting us we may never be aware of.  Hidden in our brain are pieces of information that are accepted as true and acted upon unconsciously.  It could be something cruel that was said to you a long time ago or it might be a very real traumatic experience that has never healed.   Getting a quick “check up” of your mental health can lead you to greater health, longevity and general wellness.  Senior author Sahib Khalsa, MD, Ph.D., a psychiatrist and principal investigator at Laureate Institute for Brain Research, says studies show, “ is not only something that happens within our brains, but within our bodies as well.”

Amoré Anti-Aging is working with PsycHealth and the ‘SelfView” program to provide a quick check-up to help uncover any ‘hidden brain’ issues that may be adversly affecting your health and wellbeing.

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